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Do you think the pandemic will guarantee you a quiet, peaceful Christmas holiday this year? Think again! No social distancing can keep people from gathering together for the holiday cheers! Not Mr. Covid. And not in my home, at
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You wished the hubbubs will, at least, tone down a bit this year? It won’t! For centuries, it hasn’t. Because that is what the Christmas cheer is all about! You know, getting the Christmas tree up, decking it, planning your Christmas day menu, grocery shopping (imagine the queue to the cashier), cooking meals (just don’t compete with your neighbour for the Best Pavlova), gift buying, wrapping, and if your family is planning for a holiday camp, all the prep and packing! 

Are you still with me? 

I will let you in on one trick that works for me. To brace yourself for all the commotion you will face (no pun intended), buy natural skincare treats now. Even before anything starts. Imagine yourself lounging, soaking in all that skin food. That will definitely juice you up for anything and everything that will come your way. That is the power of visualisation. It really works! 

But of course, the real magic happens when you finally get those natural skincare treats on your face. 

And consider these five ways to keep you as cool as a cucumber for the holidays:

  1. ALWAYS set a me-time for self-care. This should be number one on your list. You set the frequency (daily, once a week, weekend) and duration (30 minutes, one hour, half-day). 
natural skincare products in Australia

It could be a coffee chit-chat time with a friend in a nearby cafe, a quiet walk around your neighbourhood (if that is not your neighbourhood, find one that is quiet), picnic by the river, bubble bath enjoying all the yummy face food natural skincare you bought, or sweat it out in your favourite gym (hopefully it is open).  Driving around works for me too. Just people watching. A lot of times, these short jaunts are a-ha moments for me.

  1. Make a list of what you intend to do. Chunk everything up, down to the smallest detail. Doing this will take away a lot of rush and stress. Make it as detailed as possible, so there is no room (at least less room) for memory lapses. And then all you have to do is cross out the list as you accomplish a task. 
surefire stress free holiday
  1. If you feel frazzled and overwhelmed from seeing all the posts on social media about how people you know are preparing for the holidays, decide to limit your social media time. It will be good for your mental health too. Remember, you do not have to keep up with the Joneses. Do only what is important to you and your family. The key is to be content with what makes your family happy. You do not have to outdo your neighbour’s outdoor animated Christmas lights. 
stress free holiday in AU

Just think of ways to make things fun for your family for every activity. Make it a fun bonding time for you and your family. If you have been decorating your Christmas tree alone for years, make your decking time a family affair this year. Or do a different theme for your tree this year. It is a lot of times just the experience that counts. It will be cherished by your family long after the decorations have been taken down. 

  1. Get help. Don’t do it all alone. Sometimes we get into the hero syndrome and try to do it all alone. This is not the year to fall into the hero complex. Take advantage of your family’s talents. Exploit them. You might end up staging a grand Christmas event because each activity will be handled by experts – great as a party host, master at games, singing, baking, cooking, photography, video, and designing. You might just be surprised at the talents of your family and what your family can orchestrate together. 
surefire stress free holiday AU
  1. Finally, gift-buying has displaced family obligations as the top holiday stressor. Don’t fall into the prey. Take advantage of e-commerce for this task. And start with getting yourself your face food natural skincare online. When? NOW.


Make your mental health a top priority this holiday season. Everything comes second. There is no sense staging a spectacular Christmas event if you will end up in bed unable to enjoy what you planned. 

The reason for the season is family and relationship. Don’t be so caught up with all the bells and whistles. Instead, create an experience that your family will cherish and remember long after the holiday is through. Simple does not mean boring. Remember, it is the execution that counts. 

Have an amazing holiday!

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