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7 All Natural Skincare Tips for an Amazing Australian Summer

Australia’s summertime is generally not typical at all. When at least 35 countries around the globe spend grey-skied freezing white wonderland Christmas indoors, Australians are outdoors – surfing, swimming, and just chillin’ out at beaches enjoying freshly-caught-seafood barbies with family and friends.
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Summer in Australia is from December to February. So, this means December is beach time! And summer, as we all know, is when the skin gets a lot of beating – sun exposure at the top of the list. This shouldn’t stop anybody from enjoying the sun, sea, and sand, though. Just pack a lot of the best natural skincare scoops to guide you through your tropical holiday! 

While summer is when the skin gets a lot of exposure because of beach time, you have the three seasons to prep your skin for an amazing Australian summer.

Here are Seven All-natural Skin care Tips for a Summer Happy Skin!

  1. Slather on Moisturisers

Regularly use moisturisers with hyaluronic acid to keep the moisture in your skin. Hyaluronic acid acts as a barrier to keep moisture within the skin. It helps plump up the skin cells, masking the fine lines and creases. It is a natural substance in our body that keeps our skin naturally hydrated. But it diminishes as one ages, so look for this ingredient in your moisturisers.

  1. Sleep on

Skin regenerates at night. Sleeping less than seven hours interferes with this process. Take seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly so the skin will be moisturised, heal faster and regenerate better. Sleep deprivation causes high production of the stress hormone, cortisol, resulting in collagen loss. Collagen is the protein that keeps skin plump, elastic, and taut. 

  1. Do Facial Cleansing Twice a Day

With or without makeup, skin accumulates dirt and oil. These clog pores. Wash off sweat and dirt from your face using mild cleansers. Do not scrub or heavily rub your face in the process.

Using tap or lukewarm water, wet face. Dispense your cleanser on your fingertips and move fingertips in a circular motion around your face for about a minute or two. Rinse facial cleanser with warm water and finish off with cold water to close pores. Pat your face dry using a soft towel. 

Do this not more than twice a day to avoid washing off natural oils from your skin. 

  1. Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week

Add exfoliation to your facial skin care regimen to improve circulation, facilitate skin cell turnover, remove dead skin, and clear out skin for better skin food absorption. Morning is the best time to exfoliate. Improved blood circulation in the face will give you radiant, glowing skin. 

While the skin naturally sheds dead skin and exfoliates itself among the young, this process starts to slack up by age 30. By this time, the skin starts to age. It is crucial to begin a good skin care routine at an early age to delay signs of aging.

There are different exfoliation processes for different skin types. Find the best process that suits your skin type:

a. Oily skin type: use scrubbing tools to remove the extra layer build-up.

b. Dry skin type: use exfoliation chemicals like BHA and AHA. Do not exfoliate more than three times a week. 

c. Normal skin can choose between manual scrubs or chemical peels. 

d. Note for Combination skin do not try both on the same day. Use a good moisturizer after exfoliation. Try Créme de la Créme for maximum results. 

Do not over-exfoliate just because you see great results from exfoliation. Overdoing this process will result in hypersensitive facial skin – breakouts and irritations.

Body exfoliation, on the other hand, will prepare your skin for a healthy tan. 

  1. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 

Never leave home without it. 

UV rays penetrate home windows too. Surprised? Well, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Unless you have UV-protected windows at home or own a windowless home, consider adding SPF to your home skin care routine.

As you bask in the sun, remember not to over indulge to avoid irreversible sun damage on your skin. And apply SPF every two hours. 

  1. Pack on Vitamin B3

Did you know that the best vitamin for the skin is Vitamin B3? Watch this video. Take the Niacinamide form. 

  1. Start a Powerful Skin care Routine


Cleanser -> Toner -> Serum -> Moisturiser -> Sunscreen -> Repeat


Cleanser -> Toner -> Oils -> Moisturiser -> Repeat

Facial serums and oils contain ingredients that regenerate the skin from beneath. 

Try Active Serum with Kakadu Plum for the most potent Vitamin C skin supplement. Use in the morning to maximise its antioxidant properties. 

Use Power Oil at night for the most high-impact skin care boost. This evening oil is packed with skin superfoods such as Rosehip, Sandalwood, Rosella flower, and award-winning peptides. All these ingredients work synergistically to restore and regenerate your skin while you sleep. 

That’s a power-packed skin food bundle giving your skin protection in the morning and restoration at night.


Summer-prepping your skin does not start December 1. It begins three seasons before summer. Start making natural skin care routine a lifestyle. Haven’t done it yet? Nothing is never ever too late. 

Allow us to be part of your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be complicated. Click on the link and talk with us. 

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