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Our Story

The Shawelle Collection is more than just any ‘cream.’ It is a journey that started with a young girl’s fascination with the composition of creams and how these work and interact with our skin, that grew into a much deeper understanding and application when the founder of Shawelle (Shaza Skaf) pursued her career as an Australian Pharmacist.

During her childhood and teenage years, Shaza’s enthusiasm and interest in creams and skin care constantly landed her in trouble from her parents for experimenting with home remedies. These included trialing with her “groundbreaking” mix of Sorbolene and Vaseline, to mixing Mediterranean remedies, to create a ‘winning formula’ for glowing and acne free skin. Needless to say, she knew where to humorously cut her losses. Years on, incorporating the physiological, pharmacological and pharmaceutical knowledge she gained during her extensive career, the Shawelle Collection was created. The drive for the creation of this winning formula was to ensure the product is safe, clinically powerful and effective, and is backed by evidence based trials and research.

With the extensive knowledge of therapeutic remedies available internationally, Shaza’s sentimental attachment to her Australian home motivated her to utilise our very own rich and rare native botanicals to formulate the Shawelle Collection.  These include Kakadu Plum and Mount Pepper Leaf which have the highest Vitamin C content and antioxidant concentrations respectively in the world, tailoring the formulas even further by adding safe and effective peptides to magnify the benefits obtained.

The Shawelle Collection journey, which started in 2017, was extensive, from scientifically calibrating the ingredients and their concentration, to testing longevity and quality of the formula over long periodic time frames, and selecting the appropriate storage mediums and packaging to uphold the integrity of the formulas. Most importantly, our trials and data collection have proven that this product is of the highest quality, yielding optimal results for you and your skin. 

Now this amazing formula is available for anyone to purchase and enjoy the benefits from, a journey that Shaza has said is extremely exciting as the brand expands and grows internationally.