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Power Oil

(80 customer reviews)

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A luxurious, soothing and restorative evening oil for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Intensively moisturises leaving skin supple, smooth and nourished. Reduces the appearance of pigmented skin, puffy eyes, dark circles, redness and large pores, and improves the appearance of premature ageing caused by prolonged UV exposure.


** formulas are all patented

Australian Made

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Vegan & Cruelty Free


A rich concentration of Vitamins C, E and B to support delicate skin structures and GLAs, Omega-6 and 9 and polyphenols to intensively soothe dry, damaged skin and support skin renewal so you can expect:

- Maximum hydration
- Reduced pigmentation
- Reduced redness and inflammation
- Reduced age-spots and fine lines
- Oil regulation
- Scarring reduction and skin regeneration
- Luminous, younger looking skin

When will I see results?

Typically, results can be seen within 1-2 weeks of use, however, some customers report seeing results within 1-3 days of use. For best results use in conjunction with our Active Serum and Creme de la Creme Face Moisturiser.


A pea sized amount (after cleansing) smoothed over face day in the evening. Wait 5-10 minutes before applying creams. For best results, massage oil into your face and décolletage, using soothing upward and outward strokes.

Power oil is a rich blend of incredible, natural Australian botanical ingredients for effective, multi-tasking skincare. Some of the most prominent natural ingredients in this formula include:

- Sandalwood Seed oil
- Rosella Flower infused in Sunflower oil
- Wattleseed infused in Grapeseed oil
- Frankincense oil
- Jojoba Seed oil
- Inca Inchi
- Passionfruit oil
- Olive oil
- Prickly pear oil

For the full list of ingredients click here.

No silicones, parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic colours, or animal products/testing. 100% Vegan and cruelty free skincare.

Where does it fit in my skin routine?


Power Oil is best applied in the evening, straight after you cleanse but before your final moisturising creams. With a Rosehip and Sweet Almond Oil base, this super nourishing, powerful blend works overnight (while you sleep) to deliver fatty acids, vitamins and active plant extracts to your skin, boosting hydration, regulating oil production and leaving skin supple and smoothe.

Here is how to apply It.

Watch Shâwelle ambassador, Sarah, as she applies her evening routine using our Power Oil. For best results use with our Crème de la Crème moisturising cream.

Our Product Integrity Promise

Award-winning powerhouse peptides Reproage from Spain and Neurophroline from France to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Supports natural collagen production, skin-renewal and reduces the appearance of redness associated with dry damaged skin, leaving skin visibly younger and toned.

At Shâwelle, we are ruthless about what ends up in our bottles. Relentlessly scrutinizing the status quo of cosmetic products and ingredients, we have carefully selected only the very best for your skin. 

Our promise is to give you only the best, and nothing else. 

The Range

Through superior, high-quality formulations designed for all skin types, the Shâwelle range delivers un-compromised nature, enhanced by science.


80 reviews for Power Oil

  1. Ivy

    My skin looks bright and healthier, absorbed very well. Love the light scent. Definitely would keep buying this amazing Power Oil.

  2. LM

    My skin feels moisturised and I would recommend this facial oil for most skin types.
    So I recommend all ages to try it!!

  3. Indie

    It makes my skin feel so fresh & hydrated. It gives such a glowing looking! I love the smell too.

  4. Issy

    I love it best product I Have ever used!!!

    Highly recommend!!

  5. Ayi

    I use it every day, I get compliments on how beautiful my skin is daily. Only use one pump after cleansing. In the morning my skin feels smooth and so hydrated. Great scent of natural products.

    I can’t live without this Power Oil!! Highly recommend

  6. Cherry

    What is there to say?? It’s just bloody awesome. I can hear my skin thanking me every time I use Power Oil.

  7. Layla

    Being an older lady I still try to keep my skin looking the best I can. Power Oil is great and suits my skin… helped with certain fine lines making them less prominent, even if still there. Very happy with product. It’s helping with pigmentation to. Really pleased I found this power oil.

  8. Yasmine

    For years I have tried oils , with disappointing results and irritation. Power Oil was a pleasant surprise! with results in 3 weeks. Great for my pigmentation and fines lines.

  9. Shereen

    My favourite product by far! My skin glows & looks so even, also use on my neck. Absolutely love it!
    Love the soft scent. I pair it with the moisturiser at night.

  10. Anonymous

    Love it! Since using this oil I have had lots of compliments on my complexion and hormonal breakouts are under control! I have very sensitive skin and fragrance allergy and this oil has caused me no issues. I adore the product.

  11. TM

    I bought this in hopes it would help eliminate or even reduce the pigmentation on my face, I can honestly say it worked wonders. Will make a great Christmas gift.

  12. Tara

    My skin felt so hydrating and more shine was there I love this product. Highly recommend

  13. Jasmine

    I love this product!! I suffer with really sensitive skin and have a problem with redness and acne. This oil has been such a life saver for me!! Will definitely be purchasing again.

  14. Lana

    This product lives up to what it says it does…..’famous glow’.
    I only used it a couple of times and I had people telling me how good my skin looks.
    Even after applying makeup the glow shines through. Great for my pigmentation. Highly recommend

  15. Rosie

    Love love love this!! It’s an absolute saviour in the winter months, my skin does not flake but it also does not break out at all anymore. It feels really luxurious and does what it says- it balances. I use it after the shower in the evening and include face and neck. Perfect!

  16. Kaylee

    I really like this oil, it isn’t too greasy, a little goes a long and the bottle is impressive. I have sensitive, dry/combination, acne skin and I apply this every night and it really clears my skin. It also reduces my wrinkles and dark spots. Love it!!!

  17. Dee

    I really love this product it leaves the face feeling so smooth and gives it a really natural glow to your face.

  18. Jemman

    This is a good product that is light enough to spread evenly and easily but leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. Love the pump bottle doesn’t make a mess.

  19. Annie

    I love it, smells delicious, my skin looks revitalised and radiant

  20. Titiana

    First I purchased the night oil and found it be really lovely to massage in every night. I wake up with glowing skin, the dullness has gone and my overall complexion is more even. As it started to run low (after a couple of months as you only need a few drops) I decided to try the active serum and moisturiser as well, to keep that glow going through the day. I love this product. Not greasy, works well under makeup (with some sunscreen) . The packaging is really cute too, I’m getting my mum and sisters as a set for Christmas.

  21. Island

    I’ve been using this beautiful oil for a couple of months, and my skin is looking and feeling great! I have seen results in 3 weeks, my wrinkles have reduced.


  22. Anonymous

    Use this at night, leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated with a very healthy glow. Love the soft scent. The bottle look great!!

    Highly recommend.

  23. Fatima

    Love this power oil. Great results. Would recommend for all ages.

  24. Mariella

    I love everything about this products. It delivers what it says it will do. It brightens my skin, helps reduced pigmentation, reduces age-spots and fine lines, hydrates and makes my skin feel better smooth. I only use one drop for my face and neck. Real great value for money.
    I love everything about this products, except the price. It is expensive and not very large. But it delivers what it says it will do. It brightens my skin, help even out the tone, hydrates and makes my skin feel better smooth.

  25. Eden

    I have used this Power Oil about month ago, and I’ve received multiple comments on how my face glowed! So many people asked me what I used, and all I have to point to is this! I don’t like using makeup and was looking for a product that would give me a glowing look, and this product achieved that. Absolutely love it!! If you’re debating on whether or not to purchase it, do it! You won’t regret it.

  26. Violet

    Certainly does the job and this has made a big difference to my skin. My dark spots have reduced and puffy eyes. I am in my 50’s and would recommend to all.

  27. Daisy

    Hooked amazing product leaves your skin so smooth and lovely shine. My wrinkles had decreased. Love it!!!

  28. Aya

    Love this oil!
    Beautiful light feel and it smells divine!

  29. Mariah

    This exquisite power oil has the most perfectly silky consistency, balanced fantastic fragrance, and I can’t get enough of how my skin feels after using it.
    Game changer as it protects my skin through the drying skin changes. Did I mention the scent is spectacular.

    I have added the active serum and moisturiser to my list of must have products. Thank you.

  30. Carla

    I like this night power oil. Great for dry skin and hydrates. What I like most is that it is a pump not a dropper which is easier to use and doesn’t make a mess. Recommend it.

  31. Aiyla

    I can’t fault this power oil because I immediately noticed an improvement in my skin when I applied it, even after the first use.
    I noticed that my skin looked instantly brighter and more alive. I loved that it protects my skin from external aggressors, therefore I apply mine, during the night before my moisturiser, especially if my skin looks like it needs a boost. The next morning my skin feels smooth.
    It doesn’t have a strong fragrance and absorbs easily into the skin without irritation.

  32. Jade

    This oil makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. Blends in nicely too, doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily.

  33. Tay

    My 57 yr old skin looks plump and younger after a week of using it – Incredible! I use it before my night cream. Just one pump and smooth it over your skin after cleansing. It has a delicate smell which one cannot get enough of! Definitely worth a try to anyone who is thinking about new skin care range.

  34. maryanne

    What I love about Shawelle is that every product I have purchased from them has worked the way they promised it would. I highly recommend using their products!!” OBSESSED

  35. Kylie

    Fast delivery !! Absolutely Love this oil.. it’s made my smile lines less noticeable! Will be buying again 😊

  36. nads

    This is one of the best skincare products I have used. The glow and youthfulness if gives you skin with just a small amount cannot be beat.
    Great value for money.


  37. Giselle

    Absolutely love applying this at night oil, I also use the Creme De La Creme moisturiser after and it keeps my face moisturised the whole night.

  38. Anonymous

    The best time I use this oil is at night after cleansing. It spreads easily on my face and neck. After I use the moisturiser and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels soooo nourished. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  39. Janice

    This product does magic to my dry sensitive, dark spots and redness prone skin. Makes my skin soooo smooth, just supple softness and lovely scent. So happy I tried this! Happy to recommend
    Yes would definitely recommend this to friends

  40. CJ

    All time favourite!!!!
    I’ve tried a whole lot of oil and this is by a mile my absolute favourite. It is gentle on sensitive skin and smells beautiful. I’ll never swap this for anything else again!!!

  41. JC

    So luxurious feeling and my skin positively glows afterwards! Love it!

  42. Manny

    Really nice oil. Silky smooth. My skin has definitely improved. And also great value. I have notice the difference after using it after 3 weeks. Love it!!!!

  43. Leanne

    Love this facial oil. I have combination/oily skin and it sinks into my skin without leaving it greasy. It hasn’t caused any breakouts but instead seems to have healed the existing ones very quickly.

  44. Sassy

    Purchased this product and very glad I did. Will purchase again.
    This Power Oil really lives up to its name.
    EXCELLENT Recommend: Definitely

  45. Grace

    Love this product . Works well with my extremely on sensitive skin. Helps create a nice barrier against irritants. Also goes quite far .I’ve added this product this to my usual skin care routine .
    Amazing light scent of natural essences

  46. Lozza

    Awesome product using this after cleansing. My skin looks nourished and smooth. Love the texture and the light scent.

  47. Josie

    Not sure what to say other than it’s a great natural product with great results!!

  48. Debbie

    I purchased this Power Oil once I started using it for 1 month, have found my skin to be toned and supple looking.
    Plus this Creme de la Creme Face Moisturiser, have been game changers for my skin.

  49. JD

    Super hydrating without being oily.. leaves your skin feelings and looking amazing..I have tried many skincare oils over the years but can honestly say this this one Is in a league of it’s own👍

  50. Candy

    This oil is fantastic quality, and the pump makes it easy to measure out a one drop (which is all you need). I use this after cleansing at night. It provides the extra moisture I was looking for and seems to help my skin glow. Has also helped with my wrinkles. No breakouts. Game changing.

  51. Zoe

    Absolutely Love this oil.. it’s made my skin glowing! Will be buying again 😊

  52. Anonymous

    Amazing product! Even on my acne prone skin! Really soothing, and leaves skin so soft. Great night oil and to top it off the moisturiser after.
    The Glow is still there when I wake up the morning. 🙂

  53. TN

    These products are game-changers! I look forward to my skincare routine knowing I am using products that are natural and powerful. They are everything I’ve ever wanted in a face oil.

  54. Sarah

    Obsessed with this product. It feels my skin looking radiant. I apply one drop and night then moisturise, wake up the next morning and my skin feels smooth and glowing.

  55. Tiffany

    This power oil has a very mild scent. Love the texture on my skin. After cleansing I just apply one pump on my face and neck. Then I use the Creme de la Creme moisturiser.

    Definitely one that I will be using from now on!!

  56. Serena

    Loving this. My skin is feeling so much better although a bit too soon to see any results.

  57. Kristen

    I love how this makes my skin look & feel
    I have quite a skincare routine but I have been getting so many compliments and this product has a very big part in my skins condition
    It’s hydrated, brightened & given me an extra glow as I pair with a moisturiser serum in my evening routine.
    I’m 57 and I don’t believe my skin has ever been in such good condition
    This Power Oil will give you what your missing

  58. Jazz

    Great product it feels great on my skin. Seen great results in fine lines and wrinkles. My skin just glows.

    Real value for money!!

  59. Dahila

    This product is like a magic elixir, instantly making the skin feel soft and smooth. You only need a one pump therefore very cost effective.

  60. RT

    Been using this oil for a while now , love it , I’m 51 and highly recommend for ageing skin.
    I didn’t use for a couple of weeks and noticed the difference when not using, couldn’t wait to order again.

  61. Juliet

    Lovely product. I use it daily and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple without feeling greasy.

  62. Anonymous

    Being that my skin is on the mature side I was in need of serious hydration and your products did not disappoint me. Thank you, I will be ordering more of your range soon. Would make great Christmas gift for you loved ones

  63. Chantelle

    An exceptionally regenerating care collection. Inspired by nature. Absolutely love this product. Is amazing how great my skin feels and looks. nice scent of 🥰 great works 🙏

  64. Candy

    Love it.

    Would recommend it.

    Great value for my money.

    Don’t know what else to say other that it does what it says.

  65. Gaz

    I tried this as a sample & immediately re purchased. I have seen great results for my pigmentation and dark spots. Highly recommend

    Lovely scent. Last for a long long time. Just a few pump goes a long way

  66. Noelle

    I have acne prone skin and have tried multiple Oils to no avail. This Power Oil is the only one that my skin loves.. have been using it for 6 months now.. and I love it! Smells nice too! Keeps my skin glowing and smooth.


  67. Rosa

    Love this product, especially formulated ingredients. My skin is feels radiant and toned. Boosting my hydrated skin to perfection.


  68. Chloe

    I had been searching for a product to use during the night to give my skin that extra moisture and glow and thought this would be perfect to try, the power oil. I am very happy with this product and feel that it partners perfectly with the Creme Da Le Creme moisturiser. It’s not heavy as it sinks into my skin nicely. I do feel my skin has that extra glow I have been looking for. I will continue to purchase if these results keep up 🙂

  69. Zeno

    I’ve been using this for about a month and am just thrilled with the results!

  70. Clementine

    This power oil lives up to its name. It definitely works on dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The results are amazing after using it for 2 weeks.

    Yes would recommend!!

  71. dj

    My skin felt so hydrating and more shine was there i love this product.
    Has reduced my dark spot and pigmentation. It really works. Would buy this product again and again

  72. DT

    High Quality Product!!
    I’ve been using this Power Oil for 1 year now and I’m so happy with the products. My children who are 15, 18 yo use it as well. They use daily preventing them having teenagers typical problematic skin. So I’m even more pleased to see my kids’ lovely and still well cared baby face everyday since. Great results.

  73. Tay

    Smells amazing and gives my skin a beautiful glow, it’s also a great base under makeup for me

  74. Stella

    It makes my skin feel so fresh & hydrated. It gives such a glowing looking! I love all the natural essence this power oil has. Recommend

  75. Frances

    Love this Power Oil, it comes in a pump so there is not waste, not like the dropper in other products. I have seen great results for my dark spots and acne.
    Smells amazing and gives my skin a beautiful glow, it’s also a great base under makeup for me. Best of all only need to use one pump for face and neck.

    Best of all it’s an Australian Natural product, so happy to support local company.

  76. Nickie

    I LOVE this product I apply this first and it applies smoothly on my face. I have sensitive skin and this product is so gentle yet nourishes my skin. It has the most gentle fragrance. The Power Oil works amazing for my pigmentation and dark spots. So I was so happy with this product I also purchased to set, which include the Active Serum and Creme de la Creme moisturiser. Love the packaging and money well spent!!

  77. Tania

    Love this power oil. Happy with the results

  78. GIN

    I bought this product a few weeks ago and my skin has started to glow in such a short time. A great value for money ! I will continue using it for a long time . Great for wrinkles and dark spots. GREAT VALUE!!

  79. Faith

    Only one word to describe this Power Oil – MAGICAL!!
    My skin feels sooo smooth and wrinkles have decreased. Love the texture of this oil. The smell is amazing. Try it you won’t regret!!

  80. Belinda

    My skin is quite sensitive and was quite skeptical in using oil for my skin. However, this product works for me. It nourishes and keeps my face hydrated. A little drop goes a long way. I usually use one drop before I sleep wait 10 minutes then the Creme de la Creme face moisturiser and the next morning my skin feels soft and nourished.

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