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Skin Care 101: Skincare Layering

Did you notice the words? Skin care. Skincare. It’s not a play on words. There is a difference. Can you tell? Basics first. Skin care talks about the routine you follow in caring for your skin. Skincare deals with products you use to care for your skin. Now that that is settled…

Next, layering. 

You google natural skin care routine, and you will find articles talking about an 11-step (or more) skin care routine. Seriously? 

Clothing experts propose a 3-layer principle for comfort and protection. So do skin experts! But the classic 3-step skin care routine has long swelled to over 10! What’s a girl gotta do? Do you have the whole morning, girl? I don’t. Forget it. 

Wait! We hear you. We are here to give serious skin care advice, not peddle. 

Basically what you need is cleansing, toning, protection, and nurturing (we are still talking about skin here, okay?). So, your skincare products should answer those needs. And in that vein, the skincare you need are cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen. We are talking about the basics. And the key to get the maximum benefit from those skincare products is layering.


Just like in clothing, the correct layering will give you maximum comfort and protection. Each layer will serve its purpose. How would you feel (and look) if you put your shirt over your jacket? For skin care, it is for the proper absorption of the product by the skin, and allowing the active ingredient per product to start its work before putting on the next product.

Here is the basic layering:


Cleanser -> Toner -> Serum -> Moisturiser -> Sunscreen 


Cleanser -> Toner -> Oils -> Moisturiser 

For good measure, here is a rundown of the action of each skincare product. Knowing the action and benefit of each product will help you remember which should come first and guide you in building your natural skincare kit that works.


Cleansing is removing the dirt, oil, and harmful particles from the surface of your skin that cause clogging of pores. And yes, things happen even in your sleep that cleansing is needed in the morning. The skin releases oil through the night and picks up dirt and unwanted particles from your linens. 

Find the best cleanser for your skin type. Choosing the right cleanser will effectively clean your skin and allow the next product (toner) to work its magic on a clean canvas. 

  1. TONER

There could be traces of dirt and impurities on the skin after your facial wash. Toners are formulated to serve as ‘sweepers’ or ‘trace removers’ to remove stubborn dirt on your face. By this, toners prepare the skin for the next step. Removing traces of dirt, and clears the pores allowing the serum or oils to penetrate the pores. Toners also restore the skin’s pH level and if used regularly (that’s the idea), improve skin appearance and tightness.

  1. SERUM

Serums are light in consistency packed with active ingredients that take a very short time to penetrate the skin. This is why the best time to apply the product is after cleaning the skin and pores for total absorption of serum into the pores. Due to its concentrated form, you don’t really need much. Pea size does the job. Serums detoxify and hydrate skin at a deep cellular level. Active ingredients are the keys to addressing your skin care concerns (from pigmentation and sunspots to fine lines and wrinkles). 


Once the serum gets in, it is the moisturiser’s job to seal it in. Wait for about five minutes after serum application before you apply your moisturiser. Moisturisers are thick in consistency so they act effectively as a barrier to keep moisture in and the active ingredients of serum to work wonders beneath. A good moisturiser can also double as a perfect primer and hydrated base for an evenly dispersed make-up achieving an excellent coverage and even appearance. 


Apply sunscreen last as your protective covering from the sun. All your skin care work will all go down the drain if you will only end up wrinkled from all the UV absorbed by your skin. Sunscreens either absorb the UV light or deflect the UV light. Use one with an SPF of at least 30.


If you haven’t formulated your all-natural skincare lineup, do it now. Start with the basics and follow the layering technique faithfully. Once you have developed the habit (and see your skin improves significantly), you may opt to level up your skin care routine. 

Again, keep to the basics, layer products wisely, and be devoted to your routine. It need not have to be complicated (again, talking about skin here).

For the best Australian natural skincare, talk to us.

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