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What is the range used for?

The new range we have launched is an anti-ageing formula combining active ingredients and peptides that work synergistically to give optimum results in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visible age spots and uneven pigmentation; while also improving the appearance of skin tone and complexion. Our ingredients are also blended to bolster hydration and offer protection from environmental stressors to help slow down the skin’s ageing process and reverse the visible signs of ageing leaving the skin looking refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy.


What skin types is this suitable for?

People have different skin types and for this reason we created 3 formulas to account for all skin conditions, that is; the oily, the dry, the combination and the sensitive. The Active Serum is oil-free and works beautifully on all skin types including oily and acne-prone skin. The Power Oil is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis-prone skin. Crème de la Crème cream is for all skin types and works perfectly under makeup as a primer. All are suitable for use on sensitive skin types, nevertheless we do recommend you follow the general advice as with any skincare product; do a small test patch to ensure you do not experience any irritations before applying on the face.


How long till you see results?

We generally advise with compliant use of all formulas you should see results in around 2 weeks; however, we have heard from various customers that they have noticed results a lot sooner within the first week!


Do I have to use all 3 formulas to get best results? If not, what regime do I follow?

We advise that if you have normal skin type you should use the Active Serum in the morning, wait 5-10 minutes then apply Crème de la Crème cream. For night-time use, apply the Power Oil first, wait for 5-10 minutes then apply the Crème de la Crème cream.

For oily skin types: use the Active Serum in the morning, wait 5-10 minutes then apply the Crème de la Crème cream. For night-time, use the sameregime as the morning.

For dry skin types: Apply the Active Serum in the morning, wait 5-10 minutes then apply the Crème de la Crème cream. For night-time use; apply the Power Oil, wait 5-10 minutes then apply the Crème de la Crème cream. Note: for very dry skin conditions you can use the Power Oil in the morning as well instead of the Active Serum.

In any case, we strongly recommend you implement a morning and night-time regime for optimum results.


How much do I need to use for it to work?

The beauty of all our formulas is that they have been created with highly spreadable properties, so a pea-sized amount goes a long way!


What makes this different from any other anti-ageing range out there?

We know skincare can be draining in searching for the right products out there and can take up a lot of shelf space due to various issues that need to be tackled. We have taken the all-in-one approach and incorporated our ingredients into 3 simple formulas to remedy multiple issues!

The skin itself is the largest organ in the body and has tough natural barriers due to its anatomy. Much study has gone into the formulas to account for this and enable them to penetrate deeper skin levels. All our formulas are developed on pharmacist-based knowledge and experience. During the development phase all our formulas undergo analytical chemical and microbiological testing before release to ensure safety and efficacy and high standards are maintained. We also manufacture in a TGA-approved facility. (The TGA is the regulatory body for therapeutic goods in Australia).