As the beauty industry becomes more competitive, there seem to be more and more buzz words and products flooding the market. It’s important to know what’s what so you can home in on exactly the right routine for your personal skincare goals.


So, what exactly is a facial serum?

Serums are formulas typically comprising a high concentration of active ingredients used to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, targeting skin damage and addressing problems at a cellular level. Serums are, therefore, often thinner and lighter than moisturisers and absorbed more readily. (They also contain more potent, active ingredients which means a little goes a long way!)

Can they be moisturising? Absolutely! Our Shâwelle Active Serum is an aloe vera based gel formula particularly concentrated in Pentavitin which locks moisture into the skin for up to 72 hours to help reduce and prevent fine lines and premature aging. Our Active Serum also harnesses the power of natural Australian botanical ingredients such as Kakadu Plum extract which holds the world’s richest source of Vitamin C (among other skin health benefits).

 Active Serum

If Serums are so great, why do I need a moisturiser?

This is where product layering comes into play… You still need to layer your serum with a moisturiser in order to seal the serum’s potent active ingredients into your skin. Moisturisers are lotions or creams that help to lock moisture into the skin for maximum hydration and can act as a physical barrier to prevent water loss while protecting from harmful environmental challenges (like climate or pollution). Moisturisers are often thicker formulas that don’t penetrate as deeply into the skin working specifically to lock in moisture and nutrients.

The Shâwelle Crème de la Crème is a moisturising cream-based formula for both morning and evening use. Its thick, velvety texture comprises a perfect balance of both water and oil-based ingredients including peptides, hydrating natural oils, and water-based extracts from native Australian botanicals to nourish and moisturise the skin on multiple skin levels. The active ingredients are not as concentrated as in the serum but have been optimally combined resulting in a diverse mix of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E to repair and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and correct UV-damaged skin.

Creme de la Creme

Using both a serum and a moisturiser will help lock in the active ingredients and boost your skincare results by targeting multiple skin layers. Shâwelle has been specifically formulated by an Australian pharmacist to tackle multiple skincare concerns at once. This is what we mean when we say our skincare is multi-tasking - it acts on multiple levels for multiple concerns.

For best results, we recommend using our Active Serum and Crème de la Crème moisturiser together as a 2-step morning ritual before you apply your make-up.

Tip: our Crème de la Crème moisturiser contains protective compounds that help to balance hydration and can help buffer cosmetics – use it as a primer under make-up for a super smooth complexion glow-up.